Frequently Asked

What is an online pop-up store?

OrderWrite Pop-Up Stores are a new and exciting way to serve your clients. 

OrderWrite makes it easy for you to “pop-up” a custom online store for a client's specific purchasing need or event, set an order window, collect orders, and then produce and distribute shopper orders. Give your clients the best of both worlds: the modern, online experience customers expect with the product expertise and personal service only you can deliver.

Who typically uses OrderWrite?

OrderWrite is a simple yet powerful tool that helps promotional products distributors, decorators, and team dealers build online storefronts for their customers. 

OrderWrite is for sales reps, account managers, and their clients. And not just that, because it must also work for the distributors, the owners, and the admin teams that support sales reps to be successful. 

Can we put a custom logo or brand on the web-store?

Absolutely! OrderWrite enables you to customize and brand your online stores for your customers easily. 

What forms of payment can I accept from shoppers on my site? 

We know B2B sales, and we understand your customers have special invoicing instructions; we’ve got you covered! Tailor your pop-up store for your customers' unique billing preferences. 

  • Collect credit card payments 
  • Collect orders and use our extremely workable “to invoice reports” to bill through your order entry system
  • Setup a hybrid payment solution - accept credit cards from shoppers on your site, then add orders to invoice separately
  • Give shoppers allowance or set amount to spend and let them pay for overages with their credit card or payroll deductions
What does OrderWrite cost? 

We offer a better way to create and run online pop-up stores, which will help more people buy products from you. We charge less than other online store platforms. 

The way we see it, your success is our success. So why would we charge you a percent of your sales?

That’s why we charge a flat $25/user/ mo for unlimited stores. You don’t have to be a math wizard to see OrderWrite will pay for itself. Once you surpass your subscription’s sales threshold, you will automatically be upgraded to the next tier. 

Sales Starter
Sales Pro
Sales Boss
Store Sales Threshold
$0 - $25,000
$25,001 - $65,000
$25,001 - $100,000
Monthly Charge / User
How does OrderWrite compare to other online store platforms?

We know we aren’t the only ones doing this, but we are the first of our kind. Coming from the sales industry, We know the current software's problems and addressed every single one of them in our system

  • Clean and error-free reporting
  • Seamlessly connects to all order entry systems
  • Easy to use and navigate (we have 70-year-old’s using our platform)
  • Completely customizable and brandable
  • Built-in fulfillment
Can I add other products like awards, shoes, industrial supplies, office supplies,
PPE to my OrderWrite store? 

Yes! If you need to add products with specialized attributes such as shoe sizes, case sizes, and other specialized units of measure, email us at, and we will add custom product types to your account.

Can I sign up my entire Company to OrderWrite? 

Yes, you can add users to your account. When you sign up, you will have the option to add users and make your account a team account.

Team Accounts

  • Each user will have their login info and manage their stores
  • As the account manager, you can view and manage all stores for users in your account
  • Added users will begin as Sales Starters — $25/mo per user
Can I sell Apparel and Hardgoods on OrderWrite? 

Yes, we make it insanely easy for professionals in the branded merchandise industry to add wearables & hard goods with their customers branding to an online store.

Should I charge my customer to set up a store? 

Know your worth and charge based on the value you are providing to your customer. It’s not an exact science, but this hourly rate calculator can help you know how much is my time worth? It’s figuring out what you should be charging!

You can download it here
What types of stores can I build on OrderWrite? 

You can set up an online store for just about any selling occasion!

OrderWrite pop-up stores are great for

  • Fundraising stores
  • Company uniform programs
  • Team Sports
  • Onboarding programs
  • Safety programs
  • Seasonal purchases 
  • Non-profit programs
  • Special events
  • Customer gifts
  • Redemption stores
  • Collecting orders from remote employees across multiple locations and more!
  • Holiday orders
  • Rebranding efforts
  • Spirit wear
  • Temporary programs
  • Crowd purchasing
  • Clubs
  • Orders from departments within a larger organization
  • Executive gifts
  • Tradeshows
  • Awards programs
  • Nurses
How many stores can I build? 

As many stores as you want! 

Does OrderWrite work with my OrderEntry System?

Yes, OrderWrite integrates with any order entry system seamlessly. 

OrderWrite Populates the pertinent information you need to place an order with suppliers and decoration partners and record sales totals & costs in your order entry system with the click of a button. 

Does OrderWrite have a fundraising feature? 

Yes. Get fundraising tools to help you earn money for your group! You can add a dollar amount to each item in your store. Our reports will tell you how much to remit to your client at the close of your store. You can even add a fundraising goal to your store and show shoppers how much you've raised with a fundraising bar.

Raise money for your charity, school, activity, or particular cause with OrderWrite. 

Does OrderWrite fulfill actual orders? 

Our built-in bin & fulfillment system makes it easy for you to assemble, label, and pack orders for location distribution.

As a business, you know how important it is to stay in control of your customers' experience. With OrderWrite's proprietary technology and fulfillment process, you can fill orders accurately and keep 100% of the profit.

And if you want to hire it done, you can! 

Can we add our customer's branding to OrderWrite stores?

Absolutely! OrderWrite enables you to customize and brand your online stores for your customers easily. 

Can you create packing lists for individual orders?

Yes, you can generate pick tickets and packing lists with the click of a button.

Can we offer different products to different types or levels of users?

Yes!! OrderWrite is for custom client experiences. You can create as many stores as you’d like and add different products to each store. For example, if the VP’s in a company need different items than salespeople- it's easy to create two stores, one for each.

How do users access the store I build?

To give shoppers direct access to your store, you will create and share a custom URL.

Alternatively, you can create a password-protected site and let shoppers access it through a login page

I’m not a promotional products distributor, decorator, or team dealer.
Can I still use OrderWrite to create online stores and sell products?

Yes, If you’d like to build pop-up stores for your customers, create an account! We can quickly adjust product attributes for your storefront to facilitate the specialty products you sell.

Our flexible framework allows us to assist sales representatives and drive product sales for Lighting Distributors, industrial chemicals Distributors, specialty coatings distributors, building supply Distributors,  and more.

Ready to get started? Create your Sales Starter account and start selling!

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If OrderWrite doesn't simplify your online store sales and help streamline your order process, we don't want your money. We have a 14 day money back guarantee.