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You make the sale.
OrderWrite does the work.

The Solution

you have always wanted for complex, detailed apparel orders

The Answer

for clients wanting targeted, managed apparel programs

Your Technology

platform that simplifies, organizes, and delivers wearables individually, correctly, and effortlessly

The Tool

that works with your systems, strengthens your offerings to clients, eliminates leftover goods in a warehouse, and delivers profitability

The Remedy

to hours of collecting and confirming sizes, addresses, and costs
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How It Works

OrderWrite staff provides training for the easy-to-follow, intuitive program

Quickly Create a Webstore for Your Client

Your expertise is critical to the campaign. You know your clients' preferences, so you choose the decorators, vendors, and customization.

OrderWrite will calculate total costs, sale price, and margins.

OrderWrite , built for Promotional Product distributors, has everything you need.

Open Site and Collect Orders

Deliver the link for the completed site to the client coordinator, who will forward it to participating employees via email or preferred internal communication method.

Shoppers login and place orders. You now capture each person’s size, color/style choice, and their ship-to details. Stress-free information collection! No guesswork.

Deadline met, reports available, orders reviewed & approved by coordinator.

Export Purchase Orders and Fulfillment

Campaign complete. OrderWrite  generates orders; you have options for fulfillment. Bring the goods into your own warehouse to organize for individuals within multiple locations. Or use OrderWrite services to coordinate, assemble, pack, and deliver.

Items can be packed per individual, labeled with name, location, and department, and then sorted and bulk packed per location.

Re-activate the campaign for the next onboarding class!

Built for Sales Executives – Built for Sales

Easily collect pertinent information with no guesswork. Complete the online store and all systems fall into place. You have more time to work on other projects. Less stress on your client makes you a better resource.

Works with Your Current Entry Order System

No complex technology or interface issues.

Increase Your Capacity and Commissions

More time means more money; you have another capability for your clients, an online store, even without a warehouse. If you already provide online stores, warehousing and fulfillment, with OrderWrite you work faster, smarter, with less hassle managing the details.

Fulfillment Two Ways

Do it yourself or hire it done. OrderWrite will assemble, label, pack for location distribution. Easy on you, easy on your client. And no left-over goods sitting in a warehouse. No remote worker forgotten.

Human Expertise with Technology Simplification

You know your client; we know order accuracy. Together we deliver a stress-free solution for apparel programs. Or why limit to wearables? Simplify kitting projects; build-a-gift programs; any detailed, multi-location campaign.

Works for You!



We show you how the platform manages the process, including writing the PO, figuring costs and pricing, and delivering reports. Once the online store is set up, the system runs itself.


Build a virtual store to show your client or prospect how easy ordering can be. Don’t forget the cost savings of no goods sitting in storage.


Your place or ours? Inner-packed and labeled for the individual, packed for the location.

Flexibility & Unlimited Campaigns

Available to all of a company’s sales reps; use it as a presentation tool, build it as a short-term on-line store.

Order Accuracy

All the specifics are input by the recipient, which means correct size, color, number of pieces, address/location; no double and triple checking the details.

Instant Reports

Get multiple reports immediately for you and your clients that will guide you to action quickly and efficiently.

More Time = More Money

Forget about the hours of organizing, the multiple checks for accuracy, tracking down ship-to details. You have everything you need. Use your time to sell another program to another client!

Re-Activate Campaigns

No-need to build a campaign twice! Duplicate, make edits and start collecting orders again and again.

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